Margaret Petersen, MFT

Counseling and Psychotherapy


Before this there was one heart,
but a thousand thoughts.
Now all is reduced to
“There is no love but Love”.

Fakhruddin ‘Araqi

These are extraordinary times for spiritual seekers. While bookstores are bulging with spiritual traditions from all over the globe, it is important to come back to the Self for a more integrated understanding of who we are.  The best spiritually-focused therapy, like the best spiritual support, is attuned to the heart, and with open curiosity can be a tool that guides you directly into the root of the authentic You.

Our oldest spiritual traditions include teachings and practices applicable to all parts of life.  Being in relationship with what is spiritual, is being in relationship with nature, love, compassion, joy, and equanimity, such that life begins to feel more comfortable, no matter where we are or what we are doing.  I see spiritual support as a finely crafted tool that allows the authentic spirit to take form in whatever way works best for you.  For some, that may be a running program or allowing a passion for something dear to you to take shape.  For others, it may be creative writing, meditation, yoga, or prayer.  It can even be a mini mindfulness practice that allows us to spiritually come back to ourselves.  It can take place while we get out of our car at the end of a workday and walk up the steps to our busy lives and waiting family. 

Opening up to the spiritual self invites an “ahhhh” sense of coming home, where the body, heart, mind and spirit connect.  It allows us to access, in a mindful way, where we are with ourselves right in this very moment, over and over again.  This intimacy with oneself naturally allows surface problems to soften and dissolve, as the spiritual presence within is more available as a support.

Integrating a genuine search for the spiritual self with this profound gentleness is a path with heart. Adding the psychodynamic tools of self-discovery to the relationship of interconnectedness enlivens the spirit as well.  I look forward to any questions you may have about this explorative approach to accessing the spiritual within.

I work with multiple perspectives from many different fields of inquiry.
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Spirituality and Psychotherapy

"The spiritual path is one of falling on your face, getting up, brushing yourself off, turning and looking sheepishly at God and then taking the next step." 
 ~ Sri Aurobindo