Margaret Petersen, MFT

Counseling and Psychotherapy


”Put your ear down close to your soul
and listen hard.”
  ~Anne Sexton

Welcome to my Therapy Practice! 

Can you imagine viewing the very symptoms that prompted you to think about seeking out therapy as wise, and healing parts of the body mind connection? Every problematic experience or stuck pattern we have – especially that one that seems to come back time and time again - is an opportunity to move into richer and more satisfying relationships with ourselves and with the world. The more satisfying our relationships become, the more that translates into having a life that works.

I call my practice The Heart Distinction because depth work that accesses and integrates the wisdom of the heart allows a kinder and gentler way of seeing ourselves emerge from the often judgmental, and sometimes fearful, voices within. An essential aspect of my work is exploring how this interrelationship between body and the mind impacts our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in the world. So how does that translate into therapy with me?

Together, each week, we will be co-creating a safe place, where there is room for any and all vulnerable feelings, beliefs, and thoughts to emerge. I work in a no-shame zone of ongoing support and warm curiosity. Together we will learn about patterns, thoughts, feelings, triggers, stories, and behaviors that shape the way you see yourself and your world. We will integrate tools that allow you to know even more about yourself so you can begin to choose how you respond in any given situation. As current ways of reacting to the world are gently and carefully investigated, more authentic ways of responding in the world will naturally begin to emerge, and life can begin to be experienced in a more heartfelt and satisfying way.

I always look forward to questions, if you would like to learn more.  Please feel free to call my confidential voice mail at (925) 520-5263 or email me at



“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness 
the astonishing light of your own being.”
~ Hafiz